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Amanda and Andrea Salinas|Tiny Twins Net Worth, Biography, Age, Height and Income Sources

Tiny Twins Net Worth, Biography

Amanda and Andrea Salinas – Tiny Twins Net Worth

Amanda and Andrea Salinas who are also called as tiny twins are reality stars of a famous TV show “Little Women: Atlanta”. Amanda and Andrea Salinas – Tiny Twins Net Worth together is approximately $ 1.2 Million (₹ 8.5 Crore).

Where as net worth of Amanda Salinas is $ 700 Thousand and net worth of Andrea Salinas is $ 550 Thousand.

Net Worth:$ 1.2 Million (₹ 8.5 Crore)
Date Of Birth:18 April 1993
Profession:Reality Star
Last Updated:2020

Amanda and Andrea Salinas – Tiny Twins Biography

Date of birth of Amanda and Andrea is 18 April 1993 as both were born on same day. Andrea was born after 2 minutes of Amanda. Both of them grew together but their height stopped growing due to Achondroplasia disorder when they were 3 feet 10 inches tall. So their current height is 3’10”.

Before their appearance in reality show Little Women, they were club dancers and they were called as “Tiny Twins”. They were so famous in the Little Person Performer Community.

After 2015  both twin sisters decided to quit club dancing and start club hosting and club promoting. During that period they got a chance to perform in a reality TV show “Little Women: Atlanta“. They were part of that TV show from 2016 to 2018.

Husband of Amanda Salinas

Husband of Amanda Salinas

Amanda Salinas is married to Jordan Castillo who was her boyfriend since 14 December 2014. They got engaged in year 2017 and got married in year 2018. Amanda and Jordan have 3 dogs which are named as Asia, D’bo (French Bulldog) and Bella (French Bulldog).

Husband of Andrea Salinas

Husband of Andrea Salinas

Andrea Salinas is married to Chris Fernandez with whom she were in an on and off relationship from year 2013. They got engaged in year 2018 and have 3 children which are Anaya, Aubrey and Andre.

Amanda and Andrea Salinas – Tiny Twins Income Sources

  • Most of the money both sisters have earned is from reality shows like “Little Women: Atlanta”.
  • They have earned some money by their club dancing.
  • Now they are using YouTube and Instagram as their current income source.
  • As Amanda have 6,90,600 Instagram followers she charges more than $ 3.3 Thousand per post.
  • Andrea have more Instagram than Amanda which counts to 8,13,500 followers, and she charges more than $ 3.6 Thousand per post.

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