TikTok rating drops and Carryminati is Not a Reason

TikTok rating drops and Carryminati

TikTok rating drops: Tiktok is a short video platform which is available on Play Store. Even if this is a Application originated in China, this application has most of the users from India.

How TikTok Controversy Started

This all Tik Tok controversy started from a roasting video of Elvish Yadav where he roasted Tiktoker Revolver Rani.

Because of this roosting video of Elvish Yadav, another Tiktoker  Aamir Siddiqui made a video replying to Elvish Yadav.

Aamir posted that video  on his Instagram story, but instead of replying only to Elvish Yadav he abused and tagged all rosters on YouTube  including Ajey Nagar aka ‘CarryMinati’.

After many youtubers replied and roasted Aamir Siddiqui, people asked him how he will feel if carryminati roasts him. Aamir replied, “I will be happy if carryminati roasts me“.

After his statement, carryminati roasted him and he roasted him so badly. This roasting video of carryminati became the most liked non music YouTube video in India.

Carryminati’s video made most of the Tiktokers angry and they reported his video as inappropriate. Because of so many requests YouTube deleted that video.

Start of a Real Controversy

After deletion of that carryminati’s video, the real TikTok controversy started. Many Youtubers as well as Tiktokers stood by the side of carryminati.

All fans of carryminati started twitter trends #BanTikTok, #TikTokDown, #BanTikTokInIndia and #TikTokExposed.

Many top Indian youtubers made a video on deleting their TikTok account and uninstalling TikTok app from their phone.

Real Reason of TikTok Rating Drops

This whole incident made everyone question the content on TikTok, and many TikTok cringe videos started to be spread over the Internet.

One of those videos is a video of Aamir Siddaqui’s brother Faizal Siddaqui who appeared to be promoting violence and acid attack.

This video made everyone angry on TikTok and several anti-China and TikTok critics started asking for a ban on this Chinese platform by which tiktok rating drops.

Even right wing activists including Vikas Pandey accused that platform of promoting terrorism, hate and vulgar videos.This made a hype of TikTok ban and all TikTok users over India started to rate 1 star to this application on Play Store.

Final words:

I personally think that most of the videos on TikTok are cringe and vulgar. Only few creators are making useful and meaningful videos on TikTok. 

Every social platform must be used to improve and educate our society. Users must not share any content which may lead our society towards hatred and violence.

What do you think about TikTok Rating Drop and its controversy? Comment below.


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